1LIFE1YOU Fitness Studio

Yes, we do have a physical space for fitness.

Located at 3237 Amber St. Phila PA 19134 (4-5-E)

Small group workout classes (under 10 people per class)

Your 1st Class is FREE

The goal is to get you a great workout. Making it the best hour of your day.

Enjoy working out. Enjoy the process, not just the results.

1st class is free.

We have an unlimited class package at $99 per month. Billed monthly on the day you sign up.

We will be doing quarterly weigh-ins, measurements, and progress photos. (Jan, April, July, Oct)

And helping you dial in your diet. We are big on monitoring calories and macros. And we are big on meal prepping!

Workouts will vary from day to day. There will be a workout of the day. Always some combination of conditioning, strength, functional exercises.

We use a mixture of Bodyweight, Barbells, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, and more.

For more information on classes & schedule, email me @ nsherman417@gmail.com