5 Tips To Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Plateau

 5 Tips To Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Plateau 
1. Make sure you are actually in a weight loss plateau!
Do not just rely on the number on the scale.
2. Monitor ALL food & liquid intake.
I always tell people to track your food / calories / macros. Do it for a couple weeks to see exactly the amount of food you should be eating
3. Change up your fitness routine.
Take a class. Increase weights/reps. Change up how you’re running
4. More water/ Check stress / More Sleep
Slacking on any of these three can slow down your metabolism, and in turn stall your progress.
5. Do MORE work
If everything else is checked off, then you may need to do more work. Add an extra day to your training. Workout a little longer. Increase your intensity.
Patience. Patience. Patience!
Give yourself time. You should be in this for the long haul. Constant changing of diets and fitness routines will only stall your weight loss. 

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