Count Calories To Lose Weight

In the simplest way possible, to lose weight you need to eat fewer calories than you burn.

Without getting to science-y, for example: Person A (we’ll call him Albus) burns 2000 calories a day. If Albus eats 1800 calories a day, he will see weight loss.

But, if Albus eats 2500 calories a day, he will gain weight.

What are calories?

Calories are a measure of energy, normally used to measure the energy in foods and drinks.
You use the calories that you eat and drink for essential functions such as breathing and thinking, and day to day stuff like walking, talking and eating.

(It’s why you see on social media: TOP FOODS FOR BRAIN FUCTION!)

Now, any extra calories your body feels is not essential to you will be stored as fat. And continually eating more than you burn will cause weight gain.

Calories matter. Every diet that promotes weight loss is just a gimmick to try and get you to eat less than you burn.

How many calories should you eat?

That answer is completely up to you. It’s incredibly individualized. A 200lb 25 year old man who works out 4 times a week will need more calories than the 70 year old woman that doesn’t work out at all.

If you want to lose weight, you must eat at a calorie deficit. The wonderful thing about the internet is that it’s way easier now to find your proper calorie intake number for weight loss.

Tools To Help

Calorie calculators HERE, HERE

Or you can use apps like MYFITNESSPAL or LOSEIT

And it’s as simple as putting in your info, and them giving you a number based on your weight loss goal.

My personal go to choice if MYFITNESSPAL. I’ve been using it for YEARS. It’s helped me lose weight. Helped me gain weight. And everything in between.

Once you have a calorie number, now it’s on you to weigh, measure, and track your food to make sure you are eating the right amounts.

And we will be taking about weighing and measuring food soon!

Ps. You do not need to count calories to be HEALTHY. I am strictly talking about the method I think is the best to lose weight.

Healthy does not have a scale number!

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