Do What You Can. Start Where You Are.

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If you can’t run, then go jog. Can’t jog? Go for a walk. Doesn’t have to be far. If it’s 3 blocks or 3 miles, it’s all better than sitting on your couch not moving at all.

You don’t need a fancy gym for a great workout. Get to a park or do something right in your living room or bedroom.

Can’t do 1 floor pushup. Do them off the wall or chair.

Can’t do a squat? Work on just getting up off a chair without assistance.

The thing is to start. Not wait for the perfect circumstance.

Waiting for perfect is an excuse not to do something. No gym. Not enough time. Don’t have the right gym clothes. No headphones.

All excuses for you to NOT reach your goals

Start where you are

Use what you have

Do what you can

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