When being selfish is ok

A quick story from someone that DM’d me on Instagram.

You can listen to episode 27: being selfish is ok

It may sound messed up to some and some may not understand, but she was telling me about how she has been taking her own time back. And being more selfish with who or what she gives her time too.

All to focus on making her self better. Instead of worrying about others problems. Which she was doing, and pushing herself to the back.

She’s flipped that around and now focusing on herself first.

She’s been doing this for a couple weeks now, and she’s seen such huge changes and progress from it already.

  • More time to go to the gym.
  • More time to food shop and meal prep.
  • More time to get proper sleep.
  • More time to grow her business
  • She’s feeling better. Feeling healthier.

And it’s all just from being a little selfish about your time and energy. Putting herself first and seeing all these changes.

And, yes. Sometimes family, friends, coworkers wont like it in the moment, but if they truly cared about you, they HAVE to understand and be ok with it.

“You can’t poor from an empty cup”

You have to put yourself first. Your health is the number one priority. Everyone else can come after. Let the adults in your life handle their own situation.

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