When I’m talking about health and fitness, I’m not speaking about trendy diets, get fit quick plans, or the bs you see on social media. (Unless it’s to say, don’t do those things!)

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I am talking about being fit and healthy for life. A lot of us have 1, 2, 3 more lives to live. Those years are what I’m speaking on.

No trendy diets, get fit quick plans

Not being on 10 different medications. No needing assistance to function. Not being in a nursing home.

I want you to be able to move. And enjoy your whole life!

And that’s why I never advise you to do a 30 day diet or a 7 day cleanse. Because it means nothing in the big picture. Those are just temporary fixes.

I’m talking about being fit forever.

With that, I know people get down on themselves for eating unhealthy for a day or 2 or week. Or not going to the gym in a long time.

And, that’s ok.

As long as you see the pattern and want to correct it. There’s always time for a fresh start. There’s always right now.

What You Can. Start Where You Are

The first step is making thw choice. The decision to go to the gym. To pull into the parking lot. To check in or sign up.

We’ve all started there. We’ve all had our day 1’s. Maybe even a lot of Day 1’s. And that’s ok.

If you go to the gym and just sit there for 5 minutes on day 1. GREAT!

Add a minute, just a minute, to that every day. I know…. that seems like a long time to get even a 30min workout in. So what!

You have to work on your own time. If it takes a month or 2 months for you to build up a 30 minute workout, that’s awesome!

We are in the long game.

Building habits everyday. Every single day.

It’s not about having the energy. It’s about creating that energy. Showing up is a good thing. 5 minutes is better than nothing.

You can look back on the 5 minute day in 3 years, and know that was your day 1, and how amazing your own journey has been.

We’ve all been there. Everyone who works out has been there. Day 1 is universal.

Stop comparing your day 1 to someone else’s day 700. We are all on different paths. Different stories. Focus on yourself. Because, truthfully, no one cares.

Being self conscious about being in the gym is understandable. But here me, No One Cares. We are all so wrapped up in our own lives.

Get out of your head. Show up. Put your headphones on. Turn the music up load. And get to work!

Healthy for life. Fit for life.


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