Cheat Meals In Your Diet

It’s so ingrained in us, that if we eat “good” for a couple days, we deserve to have something “bad”… a “cheat”. The diet culture is really messing with our minds.

We have to get away from that way of thinking about food. Get away from good or bad foods. Get away from cheat days/meals.

Yes. some foods are healthier than others. Some foods have more nutrients than others. But saying certain foods are bad carries so much negativity with it.

Telling yourself that you deserve the cheat meal because you’ve been “good” carries so much negativity to how you view food.

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If your diet includes cheat meal, you need a new diet.

If the only way you get through your diet week to week is because of your cheat day, you need a new diet.

We have to start building and creating positive thoughts when it comes to food and diets.

Food brings people together. Food fuels your body. Food keeps your body functional.

My own personal advice:

Just have more overall healthy meals than overall unhealthy ones. Remember we are in this for life. Not some 7/10/21 day diet.

The truth is, one “clean” healthy meal is not going to change your life, just like one “cheat” meal isn’t going to ruin it…

Ok, let me know what you think.

How do you feel about cheat days?

Do you think they work?

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