Abs / Core HIIT Workout 02

This is a quick one. Total time is just under 8 minutes. So, you can use this workout a couple different way:

As an Ab finisher to your workout.

Or as a quick, all I have is 10 minutes, workout.

Either way, it’ll work out (ba-dum-dum) great.

The Workout:

2 Rounds — 30s Work — 30s Rest

1. Sit-ups (can sub for crunches)

2. Ab Twist (Lv.1 heels on floor – Lv.2 feet up)

3. Toe Touch Reach (if you can’t tap your toes, reach as far as you can)

4. Leg Raises (the “work” is on the way down. You want to get your heels close to the ground without hitting the ground, and go back up) — Bonus tip: Place your hand under your butt for more lower back support

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Try this one out. You don’t need a gym. Or equipment. Or even all that much space.

We all, hopefully, have 8 minutes for a workout.

If you would like more of these short style of workouts, let me know!

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