UpperBody HIIT Workout Dumbbells 02

UpperBody HIIT Workout – Using a pair of Dumbbells

5 Exercises
3 Rounds
30s Work — 15s Rest

Focus on UpperBody & Core strength


Alternating Arnold Press – Dumbbells at shoulders. Alternating pressing from front, to side, to straight up. And back to starting point.

Bent Row to Kickback – Dumbbells hanging in front of you. Bent over (back flat). Pull dumbbells to your side, then extend your arms back.

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Two Handed Front Raise – Place hands on each end of the dumbbells. Keep arms straight, and raise to shoulder height.

Double Dumbbell Swings – Dumbbells in front of you. Push hips back, swinging dumbbells between your legs (back straight). Then power your hips back straight, pushing dumbbells up, about chest high

Weighted Ab Twist – Seated. Leaning back slightly. Heels on ground (feet up to make it more difficult). Take dumbbell from one side of your body to the other. Keep core tight.

Make sure to stretch before and after. And that you are capable of doing these exercises before starting.

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