About Nick Sherman

“The cost of not following your heart, is spending the rest of your life wishing you had.”

Being Healthy.

Being Happy.

Getting Stronger Everyday.

Those 3 things are the embodiment of what 1LIFE1YOU is, and what I’m all about.

I started about 2014. I had lost a good chunk of weight over the previous 3-4 years, and of course I started giving nutritional advice lol. That turned to writing out workouts to creating a blog (this is version 2.0). The goal was/is to help the people that wanted to listen. 

Who Am I?

A waste of time/money personal training certification later (You don’t need a piece of paper to help people), I got hired, working as a personal trainer in LA Fitness. When the location was closing, I turned down an offer at a nicer place.

Back to outdoor group workouts, to training people in my own living room (my wife is amazing for putting up with me) to opening up my own, private fitness studio.

I took chances, and bet on myself.

In training different people, I learned that fitness was just a front for all the other things I did. I was building and creating habits, teaching health and wellness, being a therapist. Giving advice that stretched far beyond how to deadlift properly…

And that’s the process I love. It’s cool to see someone squat 200lbs, but it’s cooler to hear about his grocery shopping changing or her taking a new job offer. That’s the amazing part.

The 1LIFE1YOU Podcast was made to share those type of stories. And also to help witg diet, share tips, give advice, motivate. The same thing I’m giving in the little studio space…

The 1LIFE1YOU Fitness Training App was created to help reach even more people. To again, use fitness to help change habits.

It can help the gym rat who needs more structure or the stay at home parent who needs a quick Bodyweight workout between naps. We got you covered.

That’s me. I’m passionate and opinionated about health and wellness (amongst other things). I don’t allow people to fall for trends or fads. We are in the HEALTHY FOR LIFE business, and that has no end date.



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