Podcast Episode 14: Carl Pray, Exercise Timing, Sleep

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Podcast Episode 14

1. Talk with Carl. We go over him diving into modeling, feeling self conscious, and a newly found passion.

2. When is the best time to workout? Morning or Evening? I go over the positives and negatives of both.

3. I talk about the negative effects of not getting enough sleep. What happens to your body, and what illnesses you are at a higher risk of getting.

4. We go back to talking with Carl, but this time, it’s him asking me the questions. Goals. Did I see myself here. Mental health. And more.

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Here’s the video portion of my talk with Carl:

7 Ways To Stay On Track

7 Ways To Stay On Track

On my social media, and in person, I asked about what are the biggest obstacles when it comes to health and fitness. I got a few different answers, but the most common response had to do with diet/food/nutrition.

And that makes complete sense! The workouts, for the most part, are the easy part of the health equation.
The food/diet is usually the tough, sometimes seeming impossible, part. 
I wanted to share a few tips to help keep you on the right track with your diet.
1. Take it 1 meal at a time
  Focus just on the meal directly in front of you. Whether you’re last meal was good or bad, make your next one healthy
2. Keep unhealthy foods out of your house
  You can’t sit on your couch snacking on unhealthy foods if you don’t have any in the house
3. Plan your grocery list ahead of time
  Write it down. Know exactly what you’re getting, and don’t stray from your list
4. Meal Prep
  Some find that they eat unhealthy when they’re at work. To combat that, cook your meals ahead of time. Chicken, rice, and broccoli is always better for your goals that a pizza or cheeseburger
5. Don’t change everything at once
   A problem people run into is trying to do all the health stuff in one shot. Changing diets, working out, go to classes, getting sleep, meal prepping, can become overwhelming if you’re new to it all. Take one thing, and worm on it until it’s part of your routine, then tackle the next thing.
6. Keep healthy snacks close by
  I always have some fruit and nuts/seeds near by where ever I go. It cuts out the random stops in wawa or the vending machines.
7. Track everything
   I always recommend tracking, and measuring, your food. Because, weight loss is all about calorie intake vs calories burned. You can’t know if you’re in a proper calorie deficit if you’re not monitoring what you’re eating. Track it all

1Life1You Podcast August ’18 – Self Consciousness, IG, Commitmen

1 Life 1 You Podcast – August 2018 Edition


Topics Include:
Being Self Conscious 3:31
Tips To Combat Being Overly Self Conscious 10:12
Instagram Perspectives 17:12
Relationship Commitment 24:45
Gender Based Exercises? 31:02
Weight Loss vs Fat Loss 35:05

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Podcast Episode 12: How To Accomplish Your Goals

1 Life 1 You Podcast

Episode 12: How To Accomplish Your Goals


We all have goals. Health, Fitness, Life, Relationship, Business, etc. We all have something out there that we want or want to be. The challenge is creating a plan to accomplish these goals.

Here’s a couple tips (with weight loss as an example) to help you reach your goals.

1. Create a SMART goal

(S) Specific: Don’t just say you want to lose weight, put a number to it and a date to it.

(M) Measurable: Goes with being specific. If the goal is weight loss, put an actual number to it. “I want to lose 20lbs.”

(A) Attainable: Yes, it’s good to have a challenging goal, but make sure that goal is truly achievable. Losing 100lbs in 3 months is not attainable. But, 20lbs can definitely be done.

(R) Relevant: Is this goal truly important to your life? How will you feel once you achieve it? Make sure this goal will be up with other goals you have planned for yourself.

(T) Time: Set a finish line date to achieve your goals. “I want to lose 20lbs by November 1st”

I talk about other tips for achieving your goals in the 1 Life 1 You Podcast, Episode 12, click above

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Podcast Episode 11: Spartan Race Recap

 Podcast Episode 11: Spartan Race Recap

On episode 11, I talk about our experience with taking on a Spartan Race. We did it on July 14th, at Palmerton PA.

We did the Spartan Race Super (8-10 miles).

I talk about the good & bad of the obstacle course. The training, pain, injuries, climate, inspiration.

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Podcast Episode 10: Plan, Patience, Process

1Life 1You Podcast 

Episode 10: Plan, Patience, Process

  • A story about having, and sticking to a plan. 
  • Having patience with yourself and your progress. 
  • And trusting that what you’re doing will lead you to your goals.
  • Why we aim for long term goals rather than short term gratification.

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Podcast Episode 9: Diet, Goals, & Cheat Meals

1Life 1You Podcast

Episode 9: Diet, Goals, & Cheat Meals

Topics Include:
My current diet / nutrition
Why I’m not counting calories
Why I think YOU should
Going For Goals
Not waiting for perfect situations
Diets vs Balance
& Why not to do cheat meals
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