Podcast Episode 7- My RobRileyReally Podcast Interview

This episode of the 1Life1You Podcast is from an interview I did over on The RobRileyReally Podcast. We talked a bunch about a few different topics. Including:

  • My own health & fitness journey
  • My initial weight loss
  • Advice for others
  • Goal Setting
  • Being in the business of helping people
  • Starting 1Life1You
  • & More!

The audio can be found above, through Soundcloud. The video is from Rob’s Youtube channel, below.

And you can hear the full, unedited podcast over on Rob’s station on Anchor FM here:

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Podcast Episode 6: Olivia Lydia – OliveForGreens

Podcast Episode 6: Olivia Lydia – OliveForGreens 
I sat and had a conversation with Olivia Lydia from www.oliveforgreens.com
We talked health, weight loss, diet, how eating plant based changed her life, transformation, growth, being a small business, continuing to evolve, and whats in the future.

Make sure to check it out and let me know what you thing!

You can follow Olivia on Instagram @oliveforgreens

And myself on Instagram @nicksherman__

Below is the video version of the conversation. YouTube search 1Life1You

1Life1You Podcast Episode 5: Funny/Weird/Embarrassing Fitness Stories

1Life1You Podcast
Episode 5: Funny/Weird/Embarrassing Fitness Stories 

Sharing a few fitness stories to let everyone know funny/weird/embarrassing things happens to us all. Plus, a few bits of health news stories that I came across.
& a quick talk about having confidence in sharing your story/passion/skills/love with the world.

Check it out! Let me hear some feedback.