Workout Like: Batman

Starting this new series of workouts, training like some of our favorite superheroes.

We’ll start with The Dark Knight, Batman.

This workout is build around having incredible grip & upperbody strength mixed with boxing/mma conditioning.

Let’s go 5 Rounds. Resting 60s after each round.

1. Deadhang : Aim to hold on for up to 60s

2. Pull-ups : 8-10 Reps

3. Dumbbell Reverse Fly : 8 Reps

4. Pushups : 15-20 Reps

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5. Boxing/Kickboxing/MMA : 3 Minutes

Aim to increase reps/time/weight each time you try this workout.

Video Demo + My Nerdy Reasoning For Each Exercise

Which Superhero Should We Train Like Next??