Kettlebell FullBody HIIT Workout 01

Taking you through a Kettlebell FullBody HIIT Workout

This is a full round. The full workout is 3 full rounds.

30s work — 15s rest


Low to High Swings

Sumo Squats

Curl to Press

Burpee to Stand


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5 Exercises To Help Strengthen Your Lower Back

I was asked about exercises to help strengthen your lower back.

The lower back is grouped into your CORE. So, basically, strengthening your abs and lower back go hand in hand.

If one is weak, the other may suffer. These 5 exercises help to strengthen your whole core, and in turn, gets your lower back stronger.

1. Deadlifts

Deadlifts will probably be on almost every “Exercises to make ________ stronger”. It works just about your whole body. With your core and lower back being at the top of the list.

Any variation works. Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Barbell, Sandbags… Keys is to keep your head straight, back flat, and a slight bend in the knees (not a full squat).

2. Planks

Probably the simplest way to strengthen your core. Planks (especially high and low planks) work your entire core.

Tips: Head neutral. Back flat. Hands in line with shoulders. Butt in line with back.

3. Superman Holds

Aim for 3-5 second intervals to start. Lay on your belly. Extend you arms out in front of you. Elevate your feet (like you’re FLYING!). Hold. Rest. Repeat.

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4. Bird Dog Reach

Down on all fours (hands inline with shoulders). Extend your left arm and right leg out, reset, then do your right arm and left leg. Aim for 8-12 reps each side

5. Cat Cow

This one is more of a yoga movement (and i’m really not the yogi you should follow lol), but it is great for your core and back

Heres a quick video for a demo on how to properly do this pose:

Do you do any other movements to help? Put them in the comments if you do.

Roll The Dice Workout

We’ve talked about a few different ways to keep your workouts interesting…

Football Workout Challenge

The Spell Your Name Alphabet Bodyweight Workout

… and this one fits into that mold. The Roll The Dice Workout is simple in theory, but can definitely leave you feeling like you did a great training session.


  1. You’ll need a pair of dice, 6 sided (maybe will do a bigger dice variation on a different post)
  2. You’ll need a list of 11 exercises to match the numbers on the dice
  3. Choose a time frame for your workout. We usually stick between 20-30 minutes

Now, you can create and version of this workout you want. All core. Lowerbody. Upperbody. Use weights. It’s all up to you!

Here’s a FullBody Bodyweight version for you to try out

So, for example: if you roll a 7, you will do 15 pushups. If you roll a 11, you will do 15 squat jumps.

Roll. Do the matching exercise. Roll again.

That’s why we like to use a timer. In 20-30 minutes, you can get a lot of working out in!!

Try it out and let me know how you did. I like to keep track of what I did to see exactly how much work I put in.