Football Workout Challenge

Football season is officially underway! College and the pros have started up, and I know a lot of you will be sitting at least 3 hours (some, probably ALL DAY & NIGHT) watching football between now and January/February.

I wanted to make up a workout challenge to at least get you up and off your couch during the 3-8 hours you’ll be watching the game(s).

It’s simple. When you see a particular play happen, you do the challenge exercise that goes with it.

For example:

If a quarterback gets sacked, drop and do 10 pushups.

Got it? Good!

Go enjoy the games. Hope YOUR team doesn’t lose 😉

Podcast Episode 18: Plant Based Protein

1LIFE1YOU Podcast Episode 18: Plant Based Protein

On this episode, I go over the reasons why protein is needed in your diet.

How much protein is needed in your diet.

How much protein is in plant based options, like tofu, almonds, & peanut butter.

Can you still have a healthy diet with animal protein?

Why now is a great time to try a plant based diet.

Any much more..

Thanks for listening.

Podcast Episode 17

Episode 17: Is A Low Carb Diet Best For Weight Loss?

Latest episode of 1 Life 1 You Podcast Episode 17: Is a low carb diet best for weight loss

My opinion on low carb diets.

Why they can work.

Why the don’t.

What should you do for weight loss.

And looking at health from a bigger picture.

Podcast Episode 15

1 Life 1 You Podcast
Episode 15: 1 Year Vegetarian

With being Vegetarian for one year, I talk about the early ups/downs.
Difficulties of finding meals while out or on vacation.
What works and what didn’t work.
Trying new foods.
Tips to help you get started.
And more…

Thanks for listening.