Abs / Core HIIT Workout 01

Taking you through a Ab/Core Bodyweight HIIT Circuit No Gym Needed Workout!

The full workout is:

2 Rounds

  • 30s Work — 15s Rest
  • Knees Up Crunches
  • Alternating Seated Leg Kickouts
  • Crunches
  • Ab Twist

This is a full round

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Full Body HIIT Workout 02


No equipment needed

This is the full 1st round 30s work 15s rest

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A solid mix of cardio & strength exercises. Some combo movements. A great, overall, sweat!

1. Squat Jacks

2. 2 Lunge + 1 Burpee

3. 2 Pushups + 2 Plank Punches

4. 4 Shuffles + Pop Squat

12 Plank Variation To Try

Last week I wrote about why you should be focusing your time and effort on doing PLANKS over Situps

This post is about giving you some different variations of planks to do to help keep you from becoming bored with doing the same standard plank.

12 Plank Variations

  1. High Plank
  2. Low Plank
  3. Shoulder Taps
  4. Mountain Climbers
  5. Plank Jacks
  6. Pike Toe Taps
  7. Plank Punches
  8. Roatation to T
  9. Up & Down Plank
  10. Side Planks
  11. Saw Planks
  12. Spider Man Planks

Check out the video to see how to do each variation. And let me know which is your favorite, and if I missed one that you use in your workouts

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