Bodyweight FullBody HIIT Workout 04

No equipment needed. No gym needed. Just a bit of space, and, if you have it, a yoga mat.

We are working out the whole body, with a slight focus on your legs. All while getting a good sweat in.

The full workout is 4 rounds total

Each exercise is 30s work with 15s rest


1. Squat Jacks – cardio focus, and targets your calves and hamstrings

2. Fast Knees – cardio focus, and targets your lower abs, shoulders, & calves

3. Burpee to Step In – full body

4. Side Lunges – targets your quads, hamstrings, glutes.

5. Mountain Climbers – cardio focus, and targets your calves, shoulders, and lower abs

6. Downward to Quad Hold – targets your core, shoulders, back, & quads

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The video above takes you through a full round of this workout. The full workout is available on the 1Life1You Fitness training app.

Bodyweight FullBody HIIT Workout 03

FullBody HIIT Workout 01

FullBody HIIT Workout 02

No equipment needed

No gym needed

Total time under 13 minutes

Full Body HIIT workout is 4 exercises. 40s work & 20s rest. 3 rounds


  1. Jumping jacks to burpees
  2. Switch Jacks
  3. Squat Jacks
  4. Squat Jump Turns

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This is a full body workout, with a more cardio focus. Its going for 40s each exercise vs our normal 30s each. Gets your heart rate up and keeps it pumping throughout the workout.

Make sure to get a good stretch before and after the workout to help prevent injuries.

Kettlebell FullBody HIIT Workout 01

Taking you through a Kettlebell FullBody HIIT Workout

This is a full round. The full workout is 3 full rounds.

30s work — 15s rest


Low to High Swings

Sumo Squats

Curl to Press

Burpee to Stand


To do the full, follow along workout with me, sign up for the 1Life1You Fitness training app and get custom workouts right to your phone or tablet

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