Body Fat Questions Answered

1. What is Body Fat Percentage?
The percent of fat you carry on your body.
The total amount of fat divided by total body mass, times 100. Includes the essential fat you need to survive

2. What is the percentage of essential fat?
Men: 2-5%. Women: 10-13%.

3. What is a healthy body fat percentage for me?
Depends on your age. Most men should aim for a percentage in the teens to the low 20s. While women should aim for the 20s to low 30s

4. How do I measure my body fat?
There’s a few ways to measure your body fat. Some are more expensive than others though.

Body Fat Caliber: a cheap method, but measurements can be inaccurate.

Electric Reader: another cheap, diy method. Can be a handheld reader or a bf scale. Also not super accurate. With hydration levels causing inaccurate reads.

Dexa Scan: among the most accurate and also the most expensive. Done in a lap using a body scanner. Cost about $250 each time.

Hydrostatic Weighing: also expensive, and highly accurate. Involves being submerged in water.

5. How much body fat can I lose in a month?
Most studies have agreed that aiming to lose about 1% a month. While also keeping your lean muscle.

6. How do I lose body fat?
Just like losing weight in general, you need to lower your food intake, and exercise. Keeping protein intake in a solid range will help maintain muscle.

Mixing high intensity cardio workouts with strength training will help you burn fat while maintaining muscle mass

Basically, eat a little less per day, lift some weights, and do some hard cardio (sprints, intervals, circuits).

At the end of the day, body fat percentage is just another form of keeping track of progress. Just like weighing yourself, and taking regular progress pics.

5 Tips For Running In The Cold

WINTER IS COMING (….its here already)

And sticking to an outdoor running plan/schedule can become more and more difficult as the winter months move along.

I wanted to share some tips for running in the cold.

1. Warmup Inside
Spending a few minutes warming up before your run can help a lot! Do a few bodyweight moves that will get your heart rate up, and your blood flowing. Jumping Jacks, Burpees, & High Knees are all solid choices

2. Dress For The End Of Your Run
Nothing worse than dressing super warm for a cold weather run, then being overly hot mid way through. What are you going to do with the extra jackets, and second layer of pants you have on? You know how your body feels during and at the end of you run. Dress for that

3. Invest In Cold Weather Gear
Tights, shirts, hats, gloves, underwear. Look into buying some running gear made specifically for cold weather. Key things to look for are Wind Resistant, Water Proof, Moisture Wicking.

4. With Snow, Stick To Main Roads
When it snows, you know the main roads/streets are the first to be cleared. So, if you plan a run after a snowfall, stick to those on your route.

Im actually frozen in this picture

5. Hydrate
Its a lot harder to tell that your sweating when its cold. But, you have to stay hydrated as if its warm. Make sure to get enough fluids in after your run.

Bonus Tip:
Embrace the cold. You KNOW its cold. You KNOW the runs won’t be great. Your times, pace will probably be slower. But! Go run ANYWAY. Get it done. You’ll regret not going. And be glad that you did!

Podcast Episode 1: 20 Ways To Burn More Calories

I did a podcast!! 

You can listen to it above or download the Anchor FM app, or click the link below:

Topic is: 20 Ways to Burn More Calories

Seriously. Go listen
Advice is always welcomed!
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