3 Quick Tips To Stay Motivated The Rest Of 2020

We have just about 2 weeks left in 2020. The year that felt like it had 27 months….

Combine that with the usual struggle that is the holiday season, and motivation can go out the door REAL QUICK

Don’t treat motivation like that!

I wanted to share a few quick things you can do between now and January 1st to help you stay positive and stay motivated towards your goals and the new year.

1. DONT step on the scale.

For a couple reasons…

A) The scale isn’t the be all end all of progress. It only tells you a number at that exact day and time. Stepping on it 20 minutes or a day later, and it can tell you a totally different number….

B) Just about everyone strays from their normal routines and diets during this time of year, and you don’t need that kind of negativity, or stress, in your life. Save the scale for 2021.

2. Work out as early as possible.

Working out has a ton of mental benefits, so kick those off as soon as you wake up.

Even if it 5-10 minutes of jumping Jacks and squats. It counts!

Doesn’t just bring a physical benefit (that’ll motivate you to crush the day!), but the mental benefit of “checking the box” of exercise, really helps boost your motivation to do more the rest of the day.

And getting your workout in early means you don’t let your day get in the way, like it tends to do.

I send this exact gif out, a lot!

3. Consume things that gets you pumped.

Favorite playlist/album/artist. But it on blast.

For a quick jolt of motivation, Youtube search: Motivational Video. There’s a TON to choose from.

I know some go on social media and watch a few of their favorite fitness influencers. That can be a gift & a curse, but if it works for you, go for it.

Remember, motivation doesn’t last on its own. Sometimes you have to create it yourself. Sometimes you have to find it in others. Just keep going.

You. Got. This.

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Abs / Core HIIT Workout 03 – No Crunches

6 Minute Abs / Core Bodyweight HIIT Workout 03

No Crunches or Situps!

A quick workout for beginners or those looking for something as a finisher to their workout. Four different core exercises.

4 Exercises – 30s On 15s Off – 2 Rounds


  1. Shoulder Taps + Leg Taps – Start in a high plank, black flat / hands in line with shoulders, tap your right hand on your left shoulder, then your left hand on your right shoulder. Then right hand to right leg, left hand to left leg.

2. Mountain Climbers – High Plank, alternating stepping each leg up, driving knee towards your chest.

3. 5x Alternating Fast Knees – Start with hands together, up around your right shoulder. Drive your left knee across your body, and have your arms meet your knee half way. 5x, then repeat on opposite side.

4. Plank Jacks – High plank start. You are bouncing your feet/legs to the outside, at the same time. Then bouncing them pack together. Try to keep your back as flat as possible for this one.

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Cardio Kickboxing HIIT Workout 01

Our first FullBody Cardio Kickboxing HIIT Workout

Just 8 Minutes!

No equipment needed. No gym needed.

We are working out the whole body, with a slight focus on your cardio & conditioning. The harder you push, the more you’ll get out of it!

The full workout is 2 rounds total
Each exercise is 20s work with 10s rest


1. Jab / Cross : Move fast. Really get your arms pumping

2. Squat to Cross Knee: One air squat directly into bringing your left knee up towards your right elbow.

3. Jab/Cross/Hook/Hook: Four punch combo. Twist your body slightly on the hooks and engage your core.

4. Squat to Cross Knee: One air squat directly into bringing your rightknee up towards your left elbow.

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5. Jab/Cross/Cross Knee: Two punch combo into bringing your left knee up towards your right elbow

6. Jab/Cross/Cross Knee: Two punch combo into bringing your right knee up towards your left elbow

7. Plank Punches: Hold a high plank and alternate throwing punches forward

8. Sit-ups to Jab/Cross: Full sit-up and at the top throw a two punch combo.

Again. Two rounds. If you want more of a challenge, start the video over and do 4 rounds!

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