Planks over Sit-ups

Planks are flat out a better use of your time versus crunches or sit-ups.

They’re not the cool Instagram exercise. Mostly because you are, usually, just staying still (your caption better be great lol). But they work YOUR WHOLE CORE (when done right!), and a ton of other muscle groups.

Yup. All of that!

While sit-ups can be a decent exercise to target your abs, and help out with your hip flexors, and lower back… that’s it.

Sit-ups can help build strength in your abs, planks build strength in your core, AND about half of the rest of your body.

Why waste the time doing huge sets of sit-ups, when that time can go to toning and strengthening your whole body with planks.

If you want a more science-y article HARVARD agrees 🤷🏻‍♂️

Let’s talk about the 2 main variations of Planks

1. High Plank – Holding your body up on your hands and toes (like you’re about to do a pushup). Back flat, no dropping your belly down, and don’t pike up. This isn’t downward dog. Hands should be in line with your shoulders.

2. Low Plank – Holding your body up on your forearms and toes. Back flat, no dropping your belly down, and don’t pike up. Elbows should be in line with your shoulders.

Try out a plank, for time, and see how long you can last, with good form. And, that’s your starting point.

I like training by finding a max time, then work on doing 2-3 sets at 75-85% of that time.

For example: If my max plank time is 60s, I’ll work on doing 3 sets of 45-50s planks. Making sure to be able to consistently do that over the course of a couple weeks. Then testing out the max time again.

Full Body Circuit Workout

Try out this full body, bodyweight only, circuit workout

The video shows a full round

Aim to do 4 rounds

To get access to the full, follow along workout, sign up for the 1on1 Coaching in the 1Life1You Fitness training app.

Full Body HIIT Workout 01

One of the cooler updates to the 1Life1You Fitness training app has been the ability to add FULL on demand workout for you to follow along and complete with me.

I’ve been working on filming as many workouts as I can to provide even more options for working out and training.

This is the first, bodyweight HIIT workout filmed. This video is the first round only. The full workout is currently available on the One on One Coaching plan of the app

We are working on adding an exclusive On Demand option plan. That we be rolled out once we have at least 15-20 workouts filmed and uploaded.

The On Demand plan will be all workout you can do with little to no equipment needed. Just press play and follow along!

Stay tuned for that! And message me if you’re interested.

Full Body HIIT Workout

No equipment needed

This is the full 1st round
20s work 10s rest

  1. Jumping Jacks
  2. In & Out Squats
  3. Broad Jumps
  4. 4 Punch 4 Squat Punch
  5. Side to Side Shuffle