How To Achieve Any Goal

We all have goals. Health, Fitness, Life, Relationship, Business, etc. We all have something out there that we want or want to be. The challenge is creating a plan to accomplish these goals.

Here’s a couple tips (with weight loss as an example) to help you reach your goals.

1. Create a SMART goal

(S) Specific: Don’t just say you want to lose weight, put a number to it and a date to it. Being as specific as possible will help you focus on your goal and the planning it needs to achieve it.

(M) Measurable: Goes with being specific. If the goal is weight loss, put an actual number to it. “I want to lose 20lbs.” Don’t just say, “I want to get in shape”. Put numbers to it. How much weight do you want to lose/gain? How fast do you want to run? How much weight do you want to lift?

(A) Attainable: Yes, it’s good to have a challenging goal, but make sure that goal is truly achievable. Losing 100lbs in 3 months is not attainable. But, 20lbs can definitely be done. If you’ve never done a Back Squat in your, don’t set the goal of a 500lb Squat by next week. It won’t end well for you…

(R) Relevant: Is this goal truly important to your life? How will you feel once you achieve it? Make sure this goal will be up with other goals you have planned for yourself. Think about it like this, what if you have a set back? Or a bad week? Does your goal go away or are you still committed to it? Make sure whatever it is you want to accomplish is important to you!

(T) Time: Set a finish line date to achieve your goals. “I want to lose 20lbs by November 1st” This is a big thing because from there you can set smaller goals along the way.

If losing 20lbs in 3 months is the goal, what’s the goal by month 2? Make a goal to hit by month 1, and week 1.

It helps shrinking that giant goal down into smaller goals along the way.

It helps keep you motivated and positive about your number 1 goal.

Decide what needs to be done for each smaller goal.

Are you going to workout? How often? What days? How long will it take?

Are you meal prepping? When do you go grocery shopping? How often are you going?

Figure out the work that needs to be done.

Create a schedule. If Mondays at 5p is your set time to go to the gym, GO on Monday at 5p. Treat this schedule like it’s a job. You don’t skip work because your don’t feel like it, right? Same thing with your workouts.

Schedule your workouts. Your time to go grocery shopping. Schedule your time to cook.

The more dedicated planning that goes into this, the better you will be prepared for the good and chaotic of your life.

Evaluate your time. 24 hours. 7 days a week. 168 hours.

168 hours, and yet, people say they don’t have 3 of those hours available to workout. Or they don’t have 1 hour to food shop. And 1 hour to cook.

No one is busy 24 hours a day. Look at your life. Take a couple days and mark down whay you do hour by hour (or half hour by half hour).

How often do you go on social media? Watching Netflix? Traveling? Eating? Working? Sleeping?

99% of people have the time to accomplish their goals, they just don’t know it.

-Create a checklist. This can be daily or weekly. And make each check associated with your ultimate goal.

Workout today. ✔

Ate 3 healthy meals. ✔

Drank a gallon of water. ✔

Create 5-6 daily checklist items a day and maybe 20-25 weekly checklist.

1. It keeps you on task

2. It helps build the habit doing the work

3. It brings more positives to your life by hitting these checklists.

Don’t worry about being motivated.

Motivation comes and goes. Concentrate on building habits. Doing the work day in and day out.

That’s how goals are achieved. Daily work turns to weekly works turn to building habits over the months. And that will keep you focused on your main goal.

Take this way of thinking into your health and fitness. In how you build long lasting relationships. In how you run (or start) your business. Or how to take those things to a next level.

Be SMART. Be detailed. Do the work.

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Health Benefits Of Sleep

Adults should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep.


Non Negotiable.

When it comes to fitness and changing lifestyles, this usually is the last thing targeted (behind working out & nutrition). But, it should really come first. Just look at it from a 24 hour view. What do you spend the most time doing, Working out, Eating, or Sleeping?

I know. I know. You may be one of those, “I thrive with 4 hours sleep!” people, and guess what? You’re wrong. You are wrecking your body and mind, but just not seeing it right away. How is your heart rate? Blood pressure? Eating habits? Mood?

Some studies say that more than 1/3 of people are sleep deprived. 1 in 3!

Getting a consistent good nights sleep can have a ton of benefits on your health. And can also help you avoid a bunch of other health problems. Here’s a quick list of some benefits of getting the proper amount of sleep…


Improve your workouts

Sharpen attention

Improve memory

Reduce stress levels

Helps body recover from workouts

Reduces depression risk

Strengthen immune system

Live longer

Keeps heart healthy

Helps build muscle

Helps with weight loss

Helps with fat loss

More natural energy

5 Great Pre-workout Snacks

In an ideal world, you’ll want to have a meal/snack within 1.5-2 hours of your workout. But, we don’t always have that option. So, if you have a gym session at 5pm and it’s 4:00, try out these quick pre-workout meals/snacks.

Fresh Fruit (w/ Almonds or Walnuts)
If you’re on the go, aim for some fresh fruit. Especially ones that contain a lot of water. Slices of Watermelon, Grapes, Peaches, Apples, & Oranges are all great options. And add a handful of almonds or walnuts for some good fat and protein to keep you going through your workout.

1/4 Avocado on Whole Grain Toast
Super healthy fat, great carbs, and some protein. Mash up the avocado, and add some chilli pepper to spice things up

Iced Coffee Protein Shake
This is as simple as it sounds. Take 1 cup of iced coffee and blend it with a scoop of protein mix. The mix of caffeine with the protein & small amount of carbs gives you the energy to power through a workout.

Oatmeal (or Overnight Oats)
This is my preferred go to option. Great carbs, and adding either nuts or seeds can get you good fats and protein. Or add a scoop of protein mix for added protein. I add almond milk because you really don’t want to have dairy products to close to your workout.

Nutrition/Energy Bars
These can go the way of Candy Bars really quick. So, aim to pick one natural ingredients and also a low ingredient list. KIND BARS & OATMEGA BARS are solid options.

7 Ways To Stay On Track

7 Ways To Stay On Track

On my social media, and in person, I asked about what are the biggest obstacles when it comes to health and fitness. I got a few different answers, but the most common response had to do with diet/food/nutrition.

And that makes complete sense! The workouts, for the most part, are the easy part of the health equation.
The food/diet is usually the tough, sometimes seeming impossible, part. 
I wanted to share a few tips to help keep you on the right track with your diet.
1. Take it 1 meal at a time
  Focus just on the meal directly in front of you. Whether you’re last meal was good or bad, make your next one healthy
2. Keep unhealthy foods out of your house
  You can’t sit on your couch snacking on unhealthy foods if you don’t have any in the house
3. Plan your grocery list ahead of time
  Write it down. Know exactly what you’re getting, and don’t stray from your list
4. Meal Prep
  Some find that they eat unhealthy when they’re at work. To combat that, cook your meals ahead of time. Chicken, rice, and broccoli is always better for your goals that a pizza or cheeseburger
5. Don’t change everything at once
   A problem people run into is trying to do all the health stuff in one shot. Changing diets, working out, go to classes, getting sleep, meal prepping, can become overwhelming if you’re new to it all. Take one thing, and worm on it until it’s part of your routine, then tackle the next thing.
6. Keep healthy snacks close by
  I always have some fruit and nuts/seeds near by where ever I go. It cuts out the random stops in wawa or the vending machines.
7. Track everything
   I always recommend tracking, and measuring, your food. Because, weight loss is all about calorie intake vs calories burned. You can’t know if you’re in a proper calorie deficit if you’re not monitoring what you’re eating. Track it all

Aldi’s Grocery Shopping Food Haul – Under $50!

Aldi’s Grocery Shopping Food Haul – Under $50!

My weekly trip to Aldi’s. 
 I go over how much I spent. what I’m eating. And how long this haul should last. 
I eat a pretty “clean” diet, with a snack or 2 mixed in lol. 
A couple things: 1. I’m a vegetarian 2. I’m eating about 3000 a day 

 The next post will be a FULL DAY OF EATING

Let me know what you think: 



5 Tips To Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Plateau

 5 Tips To Breakthrough Your Weight Loss Plateau 
1. Make sure you are actually in a weight loss plateau!
Do not just rely on the number on the scale.
2. Monitor ALL food & liquid intake.
I always tell people to track your food / calories / macros. Do it for a couple weeks to see exactly the amount of food you should be eating
3. Change up your fitness routine.
Take a class. Increase weights/reps. Change up how you’re running
4. More water/ Check stress / More Sleep
Slacking on any of these three can slow down your metabolism, and in turn stall your progress.
5. Do MORE work
If everything else is checked off, then you may need to do more work. Add an extra day to your training. Workout a little longer. Increase your intensity.
Patience. Patience. Patience!
Give yourself time. You should be in this for the long haul. Constant changing of diets and fitness routines will only stall your weight loss.