UpperBody HIIT Workout 04

We are, again, focusing on your upper body for this dumbbell high intensity interval training workout

Equipment: 1 Set of Dumbbells


4 Rounds // 30s On // 15s Off

5 Exercises Each Round


1. Dumbbell Bent Row: Hips back, back flat, dumbbell hanging in front of you. Pull dumbbell up towards your side.

2. Dumbbell Standing Chest Press Out: Standing straight, hold one dumbbell with both hands at chest level, and extend your arms directly in front of you, and back.

3. Hand Release Pushups to Taps: High plank, down to floor completely. Press yourself back up, and do 2 shoulder taps.

4. Dumbbell Chest Fly: Laying flat, dumbbell up in front of you, arms extended straight. Lower your arms wide, bringing triceps and elbows to the floor.

5. Sit-up to 1-2Punch: Full sit up, and at the top, throw two punches.

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Home Dumbbell LegDay Workout 02

LowerBody / Leg Day HIIT Workout 02

Equipment: 1 set of dumbbells

Workout: 4 Rounds

30s work / 15s rest

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1. DB Deadlift: Focus on keeping your back flat, pushing your hips back, and reach till you feel a slight pull in your hamstrings

2. DB Squat Clean: Tap dumbbells to floor, power up to your shoulder, then into a squat. Stand and repeat.

3. Wall Sit: A static squat hold. Back flat against the wall. Make sure your legs are at a 90 degree angle

4. Sumo Squat: Holding single dumbbell on each side. Legs spread wide, and squatting low, aiming to reach the floor with the dumbbell

Sweaty Home Cardio HIIT BW 08

No equipment needed for this HIIT workout.

We are focused on moving and getting a good sweat in!

4 Rounds

30s work / 15s rest


1. Burpees: Jump. Down to floor into a plank. Pushup (if you can). Jump back in and back up.

2. Mountain Climbers: High plank position. Bring your legs to your chest, in a running motion, back and forth

3. Punch Jacks: Jumping in/out (like jumping Jacks), but throwing Jab/Cross Punch Combos

4. High Knees: Stationary, running in place. Bringing a your knees about waist high.

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