Workout Of The Day

Tuesday 01/07/2020


3 Rounds
30x Air Squats
20x DB Power Cleans
10x DB Push Press

-Rest 2-3 Minutes-

3 Rounds
10x DB Thrusters
20x DB Romanian Deadlifts
30x Mountain Climbers

Monday 01/06/2020

EMOM Mondays

3 Rounds

40s DB Bent Over Row
20s Rest
30s DB Front Raises
30s Rest
20s DB Power Cleans
40s Rest

-Rest 60s-

3 Rounds
40s Sit-ups
20s Rest
30s Flutter Kicks
30s Rest
20s Seated In & Outs
40s Rest

Sunday 01/05/2020

Plank / Core Test

2 Rounds – Max Hold Time
60s Rest In Between Exercises

High Plank Hold
Low Plank Hold
(L) Side Plank Hold
(R) Side Plank Hold

-Rest 2 Minutes-

1 Round – Max Reps In 60s
60s Rest In Between Exercises

Situps (or Crunches)
Leg Raises
Toe Touch Reach
Mountain Climbers
Pullups (If access and capable)